Saturday, September 10, 2011

I do it again...

Well hello again...
It's been forever since I've blogged and well that's why the title says "I do it again." I don't know how many times I start a blog and not blog on it for like ever! I want to start different things and so hopefully I will come on here more to blog, show you my 2 new hobbies "thrift findings" & "couponing." I will also share what I do in my craft room after I get that craft room organized... I seem to have it organized and when I go back in it after doing 1,2,or 3 projects it's like a tornado went thru it :/ Oh well I think craft rooms are never really picked up enough.

A little about Sugarplum:
*She is a CLIMBER! HELP!!! She wants to be on top of everything...
*Loves Mommy's craft room and her sewing machine!!! Not sure how many times you hear "No ma'am" in our apartment.
*Loves going to Zumba with Mommy! This girl loves to dance ;)
*Loves playing with the water in the toilet-YUCK! I found her with a cup and scooping out all the water from the toilet onto the floor. Uggg!
*Loves Barney & Dora the Explorer.
*Is talking like crazy... She sounds Vietnamese(sp?)LOL
*Her words now are: Mama, Dada, Dora, Dog, Ba for Balloon & Ball, Wawa for Water & Agua, Cheche for Leche (milk). Since we are teaching her English & Spanish I think she is a bit mixed up which is normal.
*Her eye teeth are coming in and I think she just has her molars to come in and she will be done! She already has one set of molars.
*Loves to be outside and does NOT want to come back in the apartment.
*Loves sleeping with us in our bed :/ Trying to get her to sleep in her room in her crib.

Well I'm going to add a link for my Thrift findings ;) Check out the link in a few ;) (if I can figure it out!)ha ha